Thoughts about "home" and new work in progress

first off, welcome to my new readers who were introduced to my work through Mystery To Me!  thank you for visiting and i hope you'll continue to return. for those of you who haven't visited Mystery To Me yet, please do!  the bookstore has opened to a great start and i hope you will support this new local business.  there are not only adult books, but many children and young adult books as well, so please stop by.

i also have some new projects that are in the works - will share more about them next week!! 

it's that time of the year when i have to say goodbye to friends moving out of town and anticipate changes in the neighborhood when i see "for sale" signs going up.  i live in a town where there are constant shifts and changes, usually related to work. i have done a fair amount of moving in my life and lately, i have been thinking about certain images that speak to me about my idea of home.  i have called three different continents home. the longest i have lived in one city was 11 years and that city would be Nairobi.  i have lived in the US the longest, but have moved from city to city.

what is home? i know what home is not: it is not a physical place where i was born.  i was born in Seoul, South Korea, but i feel like a foreigner when i'm there.  i feel that the word home should mean a place of comfort, a place where i am accepted the way i am, where i can be myself.

i think about sea turtles, how after decades of travelling oceans, always return to their place of birth to lay their eggs. how do they know? is it some imprinting of geographic location that beckons them when they are ready to lay their eggs? 

i'm more like the nautilus than a sea turtle.  i carry my home with me.  routines and familiar faces are tenuous and constantly shifting. houses are bought and sold, cities come and go.  relationships span the globe.  i love the image of the nautilus, in its beautiful shell, swimming about the ocean, traveling here and there.

i don't have photos of the works i have in progress right now, but i wanted to share with you that they are based on this idea of home. what are your ideas of home?